SH Structures help the next generation of bridge builders

We recently spent a rewarding morning at the nearby Read School working with pupils on a STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathmatics) event which focussed on building bridges. Presentations were given to two groups ranging for Key Stage 5 & 6 which looked at well known bridges and the different bridge types and why they were used. The tutorial was followed by a practical session where the students were split into teams to complete a bridge building challenge. The completed structures were judged on their design and construction and then tested with addition of various loads. The event was a great success and children were all very proud of what they were able to achieve and there were definitely signs of future engineers amongst the different groups. Our industry is facing the challenge of how to deal with potential skills shortages and the earlier we can get children interested in what engineering and construction  has to offer the more chance we have resolving this important issue.