Fabrication and Assembly

The bespoke and complex nature of the majority of our activities requires skills of the highest level to manufacture. At a time when increasing mechanisation, standardisation and mass production are the norm we feel that the craftsmanship and skill of our workforce are rare and valuable commodities and know that these are widely appreciated by those that we have worked with.

Our 3,000m2 fabrication facility in North Yorkshire allows us the flexibility to fabricate and sub-assemble the large complex structures before they are shipped to site. Serviced by a number of overhead cranes the workshops also have wide-open access to the large hard standing storage and delivery areas.

The projects we undertake frequently require the need to work to exacting tolerances to ensure they can be safely and accurately erected on site and satisfy the critical interfaces with other finishes and trades.

The trial assembly of structures is an inherent part of our quality and dimensional control procedures to ensure the fit of all components when they reach site. Subject to the size of the project this process may see a footbridge being built in its entirety before being taken to site. Critical dimensions are checked against the design model as well as verification of any pre-camber that may have been introduced into the structure. Where a job is too big to fully assemble we match all the interfacing sub-assemblies which means when we get to site everything goes together correctly. This rigorous attention to detail reduces site installation time which in turn provides significant health and safety benefits.

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