Drawing Office / Modelling / BIM

Our drawing office has extensive experience of 3-d modelling and the exchange of digital information. All our projects are produced using Tekla® software which enables us to develop the complex geometric shapes and forms often required by our clients, turning abstract concepts into a working reality. The more extensive use of BIM in the industry we will see more and more the requirement for close collaboration within the design team and contractors all potentially working from the same model. SH Structures knowledge of 3d design technology and the use of collaboration tools such as Tekla BIMsight enables us to make a major contribution to the design and development of the projects which we are involved in.
As well as modelling the primary steel structure we can model any other critical interfacing elements which are frequently within the scope of our supply. We also model materials provided by other trade contractors enabling us to highlight potential clashes before they become a costly problem that has to be addressed on site.

A projects’ 3d model effectively becomes the hub of any given scheme being used throughout the projects various phases from the ordering of materials, production of fabrication and assembly drawings to being used by our installation teams on site.
For example the ability to determine the centre of gravity of a complex assembly is used in the provision of detailed plans for complex lifts, ensuring correct placement of difficult items ‘first time’, reducing the potential risks to operatives working at height.

Undoubtedly the use of BIM and further development of modelling software and processes such as 3d printing will increase in years to come and SH Structures close relationship with various industry bodies and our software providers will ensure we remain at the forefront of this vital part of the construction process.

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