International Bomber Command Centre Official Opening

The International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln was officially opened today.  The ceremony hosted by John Sergeant was attended by over 300 veterans and around 4,000 guests, is the culmination of many years work to see a facility built that recognises and remembers those who sacrificed their lives in Bomber Command in the Second World War.

The first thing visitors will see is the Memorial Spire which stands at the entrance to the site at Cannock Hill in Lincoln. The 30m high structure was supplied and installed by SH Structures and is a project we are very proud to have been involved in.

Nicky Barr, chief executive of IBCC said “It is the stories of these veterans, and those like them, that the project has painstakingly recorded in over 900 oral testimonies in the last three years.

“The IBCC team, in partnership with the University of Lincoln, has worked to create a comprehensive digital archive incorporating not only these interviews but over 190,000 documents, photos, letters and other personal items’’

Those who attended the ceremony, which included SH Structures,  were undoubtedly moved by some of the facts and figures and tales of bravery that were described during the event.

The Spire has already become a place of remembrance and with the new centre will provide a lasting historical legacy so future generations can appreciate the sacrifice made by those who served with Bomber Command

(Details of our work on the spire can be found in the projects section of this website)