Partnering and Diversification

Whilst traditionally known as a specialist steel fabricator, some years ago S H Structures identified the need for a more open and flexible approach to contracting. Rather than just supply and install structural steel we now offer a more comprehensive service where other materials that interface with the steel structure can be offered within our scope of works. Having gained many years of experience working on projects where we had to consider the impact other elements had on the structure our clients began to ask if we could not only manage these critical interfaces but also supply and install these other materials. To this end, the company has created an extensive supply chain and developed close working relationships with other companies who are specialists in their own chosen discipline. We can now supply items such as engineered timber, structural glazing, tensile fabric, and ETFE foil. This approach provides our Clients with an established team of specialist suppliers who have worked together and have an understanding of each other’s discipline. This combined knowledge of how the various elements interface gives a level of comfort to our clients that a more disparate group of individual sub-contractors would not necessarily be able to deliver, effectively, in some cases providing a ‘one stop shop’.

This rational holistic style has proved very attractive to our clients and has been instrumental in our securing a number of high-profile contracts. It is perhaps used most on bridge projects where we provide a complete package of the steel structure, bearings, tuned mass dampers, balustrades, deck finish, lighting, seating and other items within the span.

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