Environment and Sustainability

Our quality of life, comfort and security, health and wellbeing and productivity are all linked to our built environment and steel’s material properties make it the ultimate sustainable construction material. The manufacture, fabrication and installation of structural steelwork have an excellent pedigree as far as the environmental impact and sustainability is concerned. At SH Structures we ensure all our activities have the minimum impact on the environment, considering every aspect of the business from sustainable procurement to waste management.

Whilst the company has always had a responsible attitude towards the environment, it recognizes the need to approach this important issue in a more formal manner and we are now members of the BCSA’s Steel Construction Sustainability Charter.

Sustainability covers a multitude of aspects of our business activities one of which is maintaining our skill levels in our workshop. To this end we have an active apprenticeship programme which is being implemented under the BCSA guidelines.

Another area where these critical responsibilities are considered is during the design process. Projects such as the Jarrold Bridge in Norwich demonstrate how good design can minimise the environmental impact of projects. The dramatic curved steel structure has none of its supports within the waterway it spans and it is fabricated using weathering steel, with stainless steel fittings and a timber deck from a managed source. This has resulted in there being no applied treatments on the structure thus almost eliminating costly maintenance and possible pollution risks.

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